Self-publishing Guides

Self-publishing a book is a complicated process that unfolds over a period of months. The Self-publishing Guides explain and manage that process in a unique way.  One of the major objectives with this series of ebooks is to protect the new self-publishing author from scammers. Understanding the self-publishing process, makes the author less likely to buy unnecessary services or to fall for the many scams that abound on the web.

Self-publishing Guides cover
The Guides are based on the author’s personal experiences with publishing companies and with the self-publishing process.
Using a project management approach, the Guides lay out the entire process in an understandable format.
There are two separate guides in this series.  Self-publishing and Marketing a book contains the slides and presenter’s notes from two lectures.  The second guide is Manage Your Self-publishing Project.
Self-publishing and Marketing a Book consists of two separate lectures.  The first lecture concerns itself with the self-publishing process, the second with basic marketing of that book.
These aren’t how-to talks.  Rather, there are presentations on the issues involved, what decisions the author has to make and what questions the author has to ask.  It organizes these issues, decisions and questions into five separate time frames based upon the publication date.  Each time frame has a list of actions that should be completed before moving on to the next time frame.
The second guide in the series, Manage Your Self-Publishing Project is a unique application that lays out the process in a graphical format.  This allows the self-publishing author to monitor progress and concentrate on the next task.  It focuses the effort required to complete the project by the launch date.
The Self-publishing Guides Bundle packages the above two ebooks into a single offer.

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