Poetry Power: Scene 5

You can read this scene by following this link

Poetry Power: Scene Two

Read this scene by following this link

Dreams, Goals and Adventure

Author Michael D. Ditton makes a stop here today as part of his Dreams, Goals, and Adventure Blog Tour through MC Book Tours. Dreams, Goals and Adventure is a series of personal stories, the ups…

Read Scene Six from House of Atreus

This scene is now available to be read.   Read it here.     To be concluded.

House of Atreus Scene 4 now available

Scene 4 from my House of Atreus is now available     Read it here

Third Scene of Short Story Now Available

The third scene of House of Atreus is ready to read.   Read it here

Cruel and Unusual Punnishment: Review

This book is filled with outrageous (in a good way) puns. English author Mark Henderson has written a small book laden with puns. Actually, puns isn’t good description. Groaner is a better description. There are…

Matowak Woman

My friend and fellow author Joylene Nowell Butler has a new book out called Matowak Woman and this is one stop on her blog tour. Joylene writes murder mysteries. The book will be available on…

Mind-mapping a Novel

Several years ago, I wrote an article called Mind-mapping a Novel and had it published.   The publishing site has disappeared so the article is no longer available. I republished the article on Writers &…

FNN Report: Trump threatens to Sue the USA

  FNN political reporter Stacy Conundrum filed this story from Manhattan where Donald Trump held a press conference at his Trump Hotel. Today, Republican Presidential candidate addressed the latest polls which showed him trailing Hillary Clinton…