Book Marketing Basics

My new Padlet page covers book marketing basics. It isn’t complete yet and I’ll be adding content in the future so you may want to bookmark it and check it out occasionally.  The link is…

My new novel

I finished the first draft of a new fantasy novel called The King Who Disappeared. Right now it runs around 48K words. I estimate it’ll be around 55K when finished  It takes place in my…

Creating Stories Reviews

My non-fiction book Creating Stories has picked up a number of great reviews from other writers. Below, I’ve pasted three of them. Crystal: 1/21/18: 5 stars The author is extremely thorough in his instruction about…

Queen Moxie

The next book in the Moxie Series will become available on February 1, 2018.   The novel is available for pre-order at a reduced price. Moxie’s adventures continue. This time she’s the Queen and her…

Lucy in Love: Scene Six

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Self-publishing Videos

I’ve completed a series of six videos explaining a process to allow an author to self-publishing a book the right way. You can watch the videos free on YouTube. The videos are: Getting Started: Preliminary…

Lucy in Love: Scene Four

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Lucy in Love: Scene Three

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Lucy in Love: Scene Two

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Lucy in Love: Scene One

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