Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my website. It consists of several major areas.

  • Blog posts

  • Faux News Network Reports

  • Appearances


The blog posts contain new information on my writing such as new reviews, releases and an occasional, bluntly self-serving ad about a book. Other than that, the website is ad-free and will remain that way.  When was the last time you came across an ad-free website?

I write satiric and humorous scifi and fantasy novels. I have ten books published. Four are in paperback and ebook versions and the remaining are ebooks. These are all described on my companion website http://strangeworldsonline.com/wp

I write non-fiction, principally on fiction writing and self-publishing.

I also spend a lot of time lecturing on fiction writing and self-publishing.  My lecture schedule will be found under Appearances.  On fiction writing, I run a four session workshop called Create A Short Story.  On self-publishing, I give a two session lecture.  The first addresses self-publishing issues and the second issues associated with marketing and selling the self-published book.  This material will lead to another set of guides in the near future.
This website is also your only source for Faux News Network reports.  You’ll find these satiric reports on the blog posts. A description of FNN is linked on the right.

Here’s a brief video on what I do.  Its humble title is “All About Me.”  http://youtu.be/1niArMH45f0 



I support fair and equitable library access to ebooks and so should you.