More Zaftan Troubles

I just finished the 3rd draft of my next novel: Espionage!


It will the first of a series of three novellas comprising the More Zaftan Troubles series.  The other two books will be titled Invasion and Mutiny.

I hope to have Espionage released by the summer.

Here is the book blurb: Admiral Klatze is ordered to recruit an espionage agent to uncover gundie defensive positions on the planet Betel.  The agent, Zylock, is a life-long loser who knows nothing about espionage but sees spying as a chance to make a lot of money.  Zylock’s fake reports have unexpected consequences.

Here is a picture of the main character in the series: Admiral Klatze.  Other zaftans think she is gorgeous.

Zaftig the Magnificent