Innocence Lost Excerpt

Author Sherilyn Decter is visiting today to share her latest release, INNOCENCE LOST, the first installment in her Bootleggers’ Chronicles.

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Here’s the book blurb: When you mention the Roaring 20s you can’t help but think of Prohibition and the mystery surrounding it. Today, lets step back in time and see how a widow copes with criminal elements and comes to rely on a ghost from the past.

INNOCENCE LOST is also available to buy on Amazon. The second book in the series, TASTING THE APPLE, is available to pre-order.

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Here is an excerpt from the novel

Chapter 5  

 Peggy’s mattress hasn’t felt this comfortable for years. She stretches, a grin on her face. For the first time in ages, it feels like the curtains have been flung open and sunshine is pouring through the windows. What a difference a day makes. From desperation to landlady in less than twenty

four hours. It is exhilarating to face all comers and emerge victorious. 


And that good feeling carries through the day. “Don’t slam the—,” Peggy laughs over Tommy’s energy, and celebrates her own, enjoying washing the dishes in hot, sudsy water. There is something so very satisfying about cleanliness and order.  


She drains the water and starts to dry the dishes in the rack next to the sink. Whatever was wrong with the taps can’t be that hard to fix… it only took him a few minutes, for goodness sake. All that money, but at least the water is running again. Peggy has a satisfied smile as she puts the cutlery away. 


The plumber had almost not come this morning, not until she had promised to have the money from the previous bill ready for him before he started the work. And she had had to promise to pay him for today’s job before he left. Those days are behind me, now that I’m a landlady.   


With the rent money, she’d also been able to put a little down at the grocery store, as well. Howard had been flustered when she handed him the funds to put on her account, and how he’d hemmed and hawed about accepting it. Fortunately, he’d not mentioned the proposal. And neither had she. She wasn’t going to be beholden to anyone if she could help it. Feeling flush, she’d indulged and bought a small bag of sweets for Tommy.  


The tapping at the back door is so light she mistakes it for her own sounds of putting dishes away. Peggy rarely gets visitors; none of her foreign neighbors mix with her, or she with them. She’d envied Jack’s innate ability to mix with all people. The tenants had moved in this morning before they headed off to work, but all have keys. The plumber had come and gone. Perhaps he’d forgotten something? And, if this was her mother, she’d use the front door.