Fiction Writing Workshop for Kids Now Available

My new book is now available at a low introductory price.  

This interactive ebook shows grammar school and middle school kids how to go about creating a short story while having fun.  Three separate story worksheets are included along with complete instructions shown in short video clips. The target audience is grades 4 through 7

Using the advanced technical capabilities of ebooks, the book has graphics, audio and video clips embedded into it.  The videos show the text boxes and coach the kids on how to develop ideas for the characters, setting and plot.  Each story has a final video clip showing the kids which text boxes to use in each scene.   Finally, there is a set of blank worksheets the kids can use to develop stories on their own.


This is not an ordinary ebook: it’s interactive. Besides text and graphics, it features audio tracks and video clips.  Not all e-readers can open the epub version.  Apple devices and computers can if they have the free  iBook app istalled.  Some Nooks can.  You can open it on a PC computer if the computer has Adobe Digital Edition app installed.  You can download this free app here:

The mobi version will only work on Kindle Fire tablets.

Fiction Writing Workshop for Kids is available at iBooks:

and at Amazon: