Zaftan Troubles: free ebooks available

The Zaftan Troubles is a seven book series that deals with the long-term relations between the zaftan alien race and the inhabitants of the planet Gundarland. 

These inhabitants are humans, dwarfs, elves, and other fantasy races. 

Books 1 to 4 deal with the initial contact and its consequences while books 5 through 7 cover a conflict in deep space many years later. To allow you to sample these stories, books 1 and 5 are free downloads at many ebook seller sites.  

Links to some of these sites are listed below:


Barnes & Noble


Check them out!  They’re free!  What do you have to lose? The Zaftan Troubles is filled with military, political and corporate satire.

Books 8 through 10 (under development) will deal with a continuation of this second story.  Book 8 will be free when it becomes available