Padlet Software: Great Stuff

One of the most innovative software programs I’ve ever used is

Over the years, I’ve written a lot of material which is now scattered across various websites and computer files. allows me to gather that material and present it on a single webpage augmented by additional material specifically produced to support the webpage.  You can add text, graphics, audio clips, video tracks and downloadable files into the webpage.  You can record audio and video directly into the webpage.
The Padlets are ideal for educational projects such as my Ebook Launch Project: and Short Story Workshop for Kids:
Padlets can also be used for fun projects such as this organization chart for my publishing company: or my Q&A page:
And of course, there is the blantant book pimping applications.
You can see all of my padlets on this dashboard:
I’m constantly getting ideas on creating more of these padlets so you may want to bookmark that last link.