So, You Want To Be A Fiction Writer

Whenever you start a new endeavor you face a learning curve. 

When you graduate from college and start a job, there’s a learning curve.  Enter a trade school and you’ll be on a learning curve for the entire term.  Want to take up knitting as a hobby?  There’s a learning curve for that.  So too with writing fiction.  It has a learning curve.  

That’s what this book is about: the learning curve for fiction writing.  

Books on fiction writing don’t talk about the learning curve.  It’s as if they assume you already know the learning curve exists, so they don’t bother to talk about what is involved with learning to write fiction.

The purpose of this small book is to point out where you are at if you’re just beginning to write.  In that case, you are at the starting point of the learning curve.  

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