Tales From Gundarland Review

My anthology Tales From Gundarland just received a new 5 star review.


When someone recommended this book, my first thought was that fantasy-humor was Tales From Gundarland cover with award medalnot really my genre. However, a few stories into Gundarland, I was laughing out loud and thoroughly enjoying myself. Since I wasn’t very familiar with the genre before reading this book, I won’t try to compare it to other fantasy-humor books. Instead, I’d say that if you like movies like Shrek, Minions, and even Pirates of the Caribbean, you will really appreciate Tales from Gundarland. The characters aren’t human–yuks, dwarves, elves, and some mixed-breed dwelves–but they share all the foibles of humans, and that’s what makes us laugh: When we laugh at the characters, we are really laughing at ourselves. Quense has a keen sense of timing, plot and conflict, and he possesses great skill with word play. Also, he’s pretty damn funny. The dialogue is witty and the stories move along at a quick pace, so even if you are not familiar with fantasy-humor, you should give Gundarland a try. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.  Emelle

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The book contains six humorous or satiric short stories and two novellas.