Ebook Launch Project

To inexperienced authors, self-publishing an ebook may seem like a simple procedure: finish writing the manuscript and upload it.  Nothing can be further from the truth and this approach is the wrong way to self-publish a book.  

A successful book launch is a complex project that unfolds over many months.  I have seventeen books on Amazon right now and I plan to launch another before the end of the year.  I’m already planning the launch and have completed a few of the necessary tasks.

In my case, I allocate six months for the launch project and it involves 20 plus tasks.  My project plan has tasks slated for six months, four months three months, two months and on the launch date.  

Rather then bore you with all the details, I constructed a graphic display outlining the process.  The display is on a padlet page and you can view it here.

The graphic display was created from a spreadsheet. 

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