Interview with Jessica Maarek and Red Root Marketing

Do you have an area business in need of marketing help? Red Root Marketing and Jessica Maarek may be the answer you’ve been seeking.

I’ve known Jessica Maarek for a few years. She is the founder of Red Root Marketing. In 2014, we started working together to publicize my books and lectures. The collaboration has worked out well for both of us. I interviewed Jessica recently and the Q&A’s are posted below.

What is Red Root Marketing and what does it do?

Red Root Marketing is a hyperlocal marketing and strategy agency in northern New Jersey. We are uniquely positioned to invigorate both established and new businesses by integrating traditional social media marketing with multi-faceted strategy support. I founded Red Root in 2013 and recently joined forces with my partner, Lynne Brennen, in 2017. In addition to the two of us, we also have three young women working on the Red Root team. Along with this team, Lynne and I combine our backgrounds in social media marketing, traditional media, strategy and publishing to help local businesses thrive and grow.

Why does Red Root Marketing exist?

Most local businesses struggle with social media marketing for a number of reasons: they do not have the time or resources to manage their social media presence; they do not have a focused online strategy for engaging their target audience in a meaningful way; they are not using the right social media outlets to reach their audience; and they do not know how to consistently create interesting and engrossing content. Even if they can afford to pay a big social media agency to manage their online presence, these businesses may end up with automated posts which feel cookie-cutter and impersonal.

This is where Red Root Marketing comes in—where large agencies generally offer generic, templated solutions, Red Root Marketing takes the time to understand, on an intimate level, their clients and their clients’ customers in order to develop highly customized and targeted online marketing campaigns and strategies that increase brand awareness, drive customer loyalty and grow revenue. Expanding on this foundation of social media strategy and management, Red Root Marketing provides strategic support tailored specifically for small businesses, using customer data to inform choices leading to increased business. Rather than trying to force-fit a less organic and more generic solution, Red Root leverages consumer insights to devise winning strategies.

What is Red Root Marketing’s vision?

Our vision is to lift up our community by helping local businesses connect to their customers in a deep and meaningful way. To achieve this, we offer a suite of marketing services tailored to the needs of each of their business clients, complemented by their deep connections within the local community.

What are your teams’ qualifications?

My formal education was at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Upon graduating, I lived in France for 6 years where I was a Business English teacher and then administrator at a medium-sized, family run business language school where I gained my first experience in sales, marketing and quality control and found that I wasn’t half bad at it! When we relocated to New Jersey, I was asked by a local entrepreneur to help market their coffee shops – I was able to build my social media marketing skills on the job. With that expertise, I expanded my business to include other small businesses and Red Root Marketing was born.

My partner, Lynne Brennen, has a background in consumer marketing, research and strategy. She gained her experience at large media companies like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. She comes to Red Root with a track record of converting sophisticated marketing strategies into plans that help smaller companies grow customers and revenue.

Our world-class social media marketing team includes an Instagram influencer in her own right with 30,000+ followers; a recent graduate with a degree in communication and media arts, with a concentration in public relations; and, a fashion inspiration who is completing a STEM degree.

What are your ambitions for Red Root?

Our mission is to inspire, empower and engage the community through innovative social media marketing and business strategy that is scoped, scaled and priced to meet the needs of our local entrepreneurs. We become advocates for our clients, coaching them to connect with their customers and ultimately increase business and inspire customer loyalty.

For more information, please visit Red Root’s website at or contact Jessica at / 973 650 0960. Don’t forget to follow them on social media @redrootmarketing