Creating Stories Reviews

My non-fiction book Creating Stories has picked up a number of great reviews from other writers. Below, I’ve pasted three of them.

Crystal: 1/21/18: 5 stars

The author is extremely thorough in his instruction about how to plan and develop the essential elements of a good story, whether that story is in the format of a novel, screenplay, short story, whatever. For example, in relation to character development, he covers the obvious basics but also delves into subtle aspects of psychology and personality that many writers, especially new writers, often overlook, resulting in them creating less believable or less compelling characters. He then shares his own processes and even his own forms and graphic organizers! He makes practical suggestions like riding public transportation to observe a broad range of human behavior and traits. Just very thorough in his discussion of the topic. And then he covers setting and plot with the same care and detail.

I’m also impressed that he’s able to pack so much useful information into a quick read. There’s no redundancy or padding of word count.

Yvonne Glasgow: 12/13/17: 5 stars

Full of diagrams and written almost like a step-by-step guide for authors, ‘Creating Stories’ is a must-read book if you’re a new author or you’ve been struggling at all with writing your next novel. This is a guidebook for novel writers and short story writers. It covers character development, plot development, and more. In fact, it even gets down to the nitty-gritty of things. I like that it even touches base on things like comedy writing and satire.
As a short story writer myself, I found the points in this book to be well-written and informative. As an author with aspirations to write a full-length novel, this book is one I will go back to often for tips. I couldn’t help but take notes the first read through since it is full of so much important information on how to create a story that people are actually going to want to read.

Amazon Customer: 5/17/2017: 5 stars

I read this writing manual with a lot of enthousiasm. First of all because it was really practical, and not too complicated as to the language. Secondly, and what I don’t find in a lot of other books on writing, the author really defines what he means. I’ve read quite a few books about writing – in lots of different languages – but the author of this books really speaks to me. He gives me the idea he really knows what he’s talking about, and that is making a story that others will want to read (and keep reading). Each section of the book deals with one or more of the challenges that writers – especially those who are not so experienced such as I – face during the writing process. The book is dived into four parts: Setting and Characters, Plotting, Story-telling and More Stuff. Each part presents the matter in easily consumed bites.
The part that I liked most was the final section that deals with the subject of humour in stories and how to create it, and also the part where all kinds of practical issues are dealt with.