FNN Sports Report: NY Jets have confidence


FNN sports reporter Jock Strapper talked with Jets management following the game with the Giants

The General Manager said, in part, “…the Jets are poised to grab the number one draft pick next year. We got rid of all our experienced players and replaced them with rookies and second year players. We don’t have a quarterback and the Giant starters thrashed us in the first half of their game. We’re pumped and ready.”

Later, Strapper reached out to legendary Jets quarterback, Joe Namaith who said, “Yeah, I’ve watched the team practice and I’ve watched the pre-season games. I think they have a shot at the number one pick. But remember, in the NFL on any given Sunday any team can lose to another team. So the Jets could end up winning a game or two and messing up their chances. On the other hand, if injuries take out the few mediocre players they have, then the Jets have a lock on the top pick.”