So, You Want To Be A Fiction Writer!

My newest ebook (a free download) is titled, So, you want to be a fiction writer!  It discusses and analyzes the learning curve encountered when beginning to write stories.

Here’s the “official” book blurb:
Whenever you start a new endeavor you face a learning curve. When you graduate from college and start a job, there’s a learning curve. Enter a trade school and you’ll be on a learning curve for the entire term. Want to take up knitting as a hobby? There’s a learning curve for that. So too with writing fiction.
That’s what this book is about: the learning curve for fiction writing.
This book won’t teach you how to write fiction. Rather, it enumerates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that a new fiction writer faces. It provides a roadmap that can be used to surmount the weaknesses and threats. Armed with this information, newbie writers can avoid the many pitfalls and traps awaiting them.

You can download a copy at this link: