Maski: Broken But Not Dead

My friend and fellow author Joylene Nowell Butler has a new ebook out called, Maski, Broken But Not Dead.
Joylene won the IPPY Silver Medal with Broken But Not Dead. Once only available in print, the book has received a fresh new cover and title for readers to enjoy and is now available in eBook format. Maski: Broken But Not Dead. Joylene writes Psychological Thrillers and this is a good one.

Below is an excerpt to give a taste of Joylene’s book.

Chapter 3

Agnostine grinned; ribbons of spit stuck to the corners of her mouth. With the sun setting behind her, her thick, straw-black hair flared out like a curler’s broom. She held a whip in one hand while a rolled cigarette dangled in the other. Brendell couldn’t remember what she’d done. She tried to, thinking back all the way to the morning. But she’d finished her chores on time; the hens were fed, the stable raked out and the water trough filled. And she’d made it to school on time. She hadn’t been mouthy with her teacher. She’d even helped her poppa up from the dirt and back into his hammock in the backyard. Oh, and she hadn’t spoke one word of English after she left the school grounds.
“Stand still, you stupid frog-squaw. I aim to give you the beating of your life,” Agnostine said in Michif.
“But why, mama? What did I do?” Agnostine stepped closer. Brendell inched away.
Agnostine grabbed Brendell’s wrist. The cigarette stubbed into her skin before falling to the ground. Brendell winced, unable to stop herself from crying.
“Stay still. How am I supposed to hit your ass if you won’t stand still? No way I need some snotty social worker bitching at me for missing and hitting your legs. Stand still. I’m not telling you again.”
Her mother’s whip lashed across her legs. Brendell covered her mouth with both hands, screams muffled through her palms. She danced around.
“Hold still,” Agnostine said, and lashed her again, this time burning a streak across her rear.
“Please, mama! What did I do? Please.”
“That does it. Just for being so stupid, you get two added on to the five I promised you, you stupid frog-squaw.”
“I’m so sorry for being a stupid frog-squaw, mama. I’m so sorry. So sorry. I’ll be a good girl. I will—I will. Please stop. Mama—Please!”
* * *

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