Queen Moxie update-1

I’ve finished the first draft of Act I of my new novel Queen Moxie.

To whet your interest here is a cast of characters:
Queen Moxie: has been queen of Usca for ten years.
Aethelwine: Moxie’s daughter and heir to the throne. Almost ten and an apprentice teenager.
Harry the Murderer: Moxie’s main squeeze and Aethelwine’s father.
Sir Tristan: Knight of the Round Table and bard. Exiled from Camelot for writing bad poetry.
Brode: Chieftain of a tribe of Picts who have relocated from Scotland to empty land adjacent to Usca.
Goda: captain of Moxie’s body guards. All around nice guy.
Shakespearean-like characters:
Oberon: King of the forest fairies
Titania: Oberon’s shrewish wife
Kate: single, pretty owner of a tavern
Petro: obnoxious shipwrecked Italian sailor looking for a new home port.