Breathe: a new book

This is an excerpt from my friend and fellow author Tanya Williams:


live in, it is sometimes difficult to set time aside to relax and rejuvenate on a daily basis. We are often pulled in many directions, rushing from one commitment to another, and seldom taking the time to recognize the extraordinary moments that surround us every day.

Over the past several years, I have personally felt a strong pull to alter how harried I am in my own life. I believe that the time has come to change our perspective on what is important to each of us as individuals. We often remember with longing a simpler time, when life was easier, traffic was slower, and people made time just for being. Though our world is moving faster than it ever has, it doesn’t have to mean that we’re just carried along in the wave of ‘faster, stronger, better’ all day, every day.

In much of my reading over the past few years, I have become aware of a common thread that can help us centre ourselves, find some peace, and regain our enthu- siasm for life: Breathing. It only takes a few minutes to regain our inner selves, and once breathing correctly becomes a practised habit, it can be done anywhere, at anytime.

On an intellectual scale, we are very much aware that we require breath to survive. On an emotional level, however, we have created a habit of shallow breathing, and even holding our breath several times a day. Studies have shown, for example, that when opening our email, we tend to hold our breath. Perhaps this is in anticipation of the message we are about to receive or perhaps it’s inspired by the act of opening email itself. Regardless, this is a startling thought, especially considering how attached many of us are to our electronic devices. It is interesting to note that technology, which has become a constant companion to our existence, is actually preventing us from maintaining our natural rhythm of breath.

In order to make positive lifelong changes, we need to identify a single area of our lives to work on, and then focus a small amount of attention on it every day, until it becomes a natural part of our existence. Once we have incorporated our first life adjustment, we are more easily able to move on to the next one, and the one after that, enriching our lives as we go.

This book is intended to help start you on your path back to breath. The follow- ing pages contain beautiful and diverse photographs, which are accompanied by reminders of what to focus on, and advice on how to centre yourself on your journey back to breath. We encourage you to take a few minutes every day for yourself, trusting that—if you give yourself five minutes to recharge—you will not only serve the world around you in a more positive and productive manner but your life will also be enriched in the process.

A calm state of fulfilment and joy awaits you. Just breathe.

~ ~ ~

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