House Announces New Committee Hearings

Stacy Conundrum, FNN’s political reporter, filed this report. The Republican leadership in the House announced today the formation of a new committee whose purpose is to investigate female organs.


The committee is charged with uncovering new parts of the female body that require oversight and legislation.  The committee head, Representative Jon Sleaze, said in a telephone interview, “This isn’t about interfering with the private lives of women, it’s about protecting the health of the female population. Our committee will hear testimony from a number of male religious leaders, local politicians and perhaps a doctor or two. These men can provide the committee with expert advice. After that, the committee will make recommendations about which female organs and body parts need to be regulated.
“The committee will also look into a recommendation that unmarried women must be accompanied by a chaperone when out in public.”
Ms Conundrum will update this report as new information becomes available.