Holiday Gift Suggestions

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Did you know?
You can send gift books from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Isn’t that cool?

Suggested books:
For the writer in the family:
Planning a Novel, Script or Memoir
Complete Self-publishing Guide

For pure entertainment:
Falstaff’s Big Gamble
Princess Moxie.

How to:
If the recipients have a Kindle device, send them gifts from Amazon (mobi format)
If the recipients have a non-Kindle tablet, send them gifts from Barnes & Noble (epub format)
If the recipients don’t have a Kindle or tablet, send them a gifts from Smashwords (pdf format)

The books listed above are on these sites along with many more choices. Find the one you want to gift and click on the gift button.

Just think: a few clicks on your computer and you’re done.