Complete Self-publishing Guide Now Available! And On Sale!

My new boxed set Complete Self-publishing Guide can now be ordered. It has a limited time introductory price of $5.99.

The Guide contains four ebooks package under a single cover:SelfPub_Box2

* Self-publishing a Book
* Market Plans for Self-published Books
* Manage Your Self-publishing Project
* Business Basics for Authors

Purchasing all four ebooks individually will cost $19.96, so the Complete Self-publishing Guide is bargain priced.

Self-publishing is a complicated process and it isn’t as easy as much of the web information claims. The web is filled with inaccurate information on publishing, especially self-publishing and this can lead authors to making serous mistakes with their books. The web also has scam artists looking for new authors and wannabe authors to prey upon. These scam artists offer impressive-looking ’help’ but all they do is rip off the inexperienced authors. These books are dedicated to providing clear, concise information and procedures on the publishing process. The more a new author understands about the publishing process, the less likely they’ll make serious mistakes and it will make them less susceptible to the bogus offers of the scam artists.
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