Remote Library Programming Available

I’m an author with fifteen books — both fiction and non-fiction — available on Amazon and other book sellers’ sites. I also lecture on creating fiction, self-publishing and book marketing. Until now, my lectures have been geographically limited by how far I can drive.

However, with today’s technology, an author no longer has to be physically present in the library’s conference room to deliver a lecture. The author can be in his home office and still deliver a lecture to a geographically remote library.
This opens up a wealth of new possibilities for libraries, their patrons and lecturers.
If the library has a laptop computer, a projector and a Skype account, the author can present a topic at that library.
For instance, I live in the New Jersey and I’ve shown a slide presentation to a friend in the Canary Islands using this arrangement. When I changed slides there was only a one or two second delay before the change took effect in the Canary Islands.



The typical setup for these remote lectures is shown above. In the Canary Island instance we didn’t use a projector and screen, just the laptops.
If you’re interested in checking out the technology, contact me at hanque (@) verizon (dot) net and we can set up a demo. Or contact me to discuss an appearance in your library.
Skype accounts are free.  For more information on Skype go here:

My lecture catalog includes talks on creating fiction, self-publishing, book marketing and other topics and you download a copy of the catalog here.