Princess Moxie book On Sale

My two Princess Moxie books are on sale during July. Get these hilarious novels at a fifty percent discount now until July 31. You can get both books for the price of one!

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Moxie’s Problem:
Moxie’s Decision:

The Princess Moxie series is a coming-of-age story like no other. It takes place against a backdrop of Camelot, but not the Camelot you’re familiar with. This Camelot is in a parallel universe, so don’t look for the traditional Camelot legends.

Here’s a typical review:

Moxie’s an Original: I first met this annoying but enormously appealing character in Hank’s earlier book, Moxie’s Problem. What’s her problem? You name it! She’s got father issues, career issues, relationship issues. In Moxie’s Decision, we see her work her way through them in her own wacky way and emerge victorious. Hank’s done something that’s hard to do: create a hilarious yet heart-warming character — someone we want to root for.
Camelot Rocks: This kingdom is wild — and so much fun! We see King Artie organizing a football league, Merlin chasing women and playing Freud, Moxie training to be a knight and falling in love with a big bruiser — parallel universe is right! I don’t know how Hank conjured all this up, but I’m glad he did, because it’s a riot — I couldn’t put the book down.