Wotan’s Dilemma Giveaway

My novel, Wotan’s Dilemma, has a Giveaway running on Amazon.  Ten copies of the ebook will up for grabs.  The giveaway will run until March 13 or until all the copies have been awarded.

Here is the link to enter the contest.

Here is the book blurb:

What would happen if you took the libretto that Richard Wagner used for his Ring Cycle of Wotan2-smalloperas and moved it from the Dark Ages to the future? And what if, the all powerful Ring became an all-powerful computer chip?  And what if, the fantasy creatures were aliens?
You’d get Wotan’s Dilemma.  It’s a retelling of the Rhinegold Myth as sci-fi instead of fantasy with humor replacing most of the horror.
Beautiful goddesses, magical gold, quantum electronics, aliens, a murderous god, great heroes: what more could a reader want?

Check out the trailer.