Marketing Questionnaire Answers

Continuing my report on the responses to my questionnaire, here are the publishing questions and the top responses.

Question 1:If you have published a book, either traditional or self-published, what part of marketing is the most confusing?
Most mentioned answers were:
Finding a target audience and Marketing is a mystery/confusing were each mentioned five times.
Deciding what is effective received four mentions.
Ten other answers were mentioned once.

Question 2:If you could get experienced help on one aspect of marketing, what would it be?
Most mentioned answers were:
Social Media platforms/internet marketing had six mentions.
Promotional avenues had five mentions.
Targeting and creating buzz got two mentions each.
Ten other responses were mentioned once.

Question 3: What one marketing tactic that you have used would you consider a waste of time and /or money?
Facebook ads was the most mentioned answer, three times.
There were eleven other responses that were mentioned once. Some of these were: book signings, Youtube trailers, $.99 specials, publicity programs.

From the responses, one can see that marketing is a mystery to many authors and finding the target audience is difficult. Social media came up a number of time and authors struggle on how to utilize it beneficially and not waste money on it.

This material was originally posted on WritersARC site