Recent Reviews for Falstaff’s Big Gamble and Book Sale

Recently, my Falstaff novel has picked up a number of five-star reviews.  To celebrate, the novel will be on sale at 50% off the usual price for kindle editions.  This sale will last until December 4.

You don’t have to know anything about Shakespeare’s plays to enjoy this parody that won an award for Best Fantasy Satire in a Wise Bear Books contest

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Falstaff_Award_ebookJay Mittener:

Ever imagine Hamlet as a dwarf? How about Othello as a dark-elf? .. You are about to .. naturally there are some trolls throw into the mix, because what is Shakespeare without trolls?

This is an hysterical book that was deeply engaging and fun to read from cover to cover (pixel to pixel as it were). Quence really shows a love and a passion of Shakespeare’s work in this well written and brilliant conceived comedy. I love how he draws the elements of Othello and Hamlet together and keeps you laughing through it all. I’m a big fan of the fantasy genre so this was a real treat for me.

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Grady Harp:

New Jersey writer Hank Quense has a sense of humor well modulated with a keen sense of Shakespeare and the result of this shotgun marriage is one of the funniest sci-fi fantasy novels to come out this year. It takes a fine writer to incorporate well known figures, from life, literature or from the stage (another form of life!) and create a story that has a presence all its own. Quense satisfies on all levels: he rearranges Shakespeare’s best known characters, using plays on phrases we’ve all memorized through time and makes them into intricately important yet funny lines; he introduces a side language for the elves – raw, broken English slang of the Bronx; he manages to alter the personalities of these famous characters resulting in an interplay that makes his story unique; and he decided to create a very strange place he calls Gundarland which happens to be populated with not only humans but also with elves, dwarfs, and trolls – mixing the genres at will, very successfully.

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Think of it. Hamlet is a dwarf, Desdemona is too…the beloved characters from the play Hamlet are true to form in the dwarf, elven and other fantasy creature stereotypes. This is what makes Hank Quense’s new book so refreshing. The characters perform true to their natures but the storyline is familiar. There are also a few new characters in the story that you will totally fall in love with. This book can only be enjoyed by those who are able to allow their imaginations to soar…it is about as “out there” as one can get, but in a good way. This is a great way to introduce characters like Falstaff, Othello and Hamlet to a generation that may have not been interested in the classics before.

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AD Simmons:

If you loved visiting Zanth you will absolutely fall in love with Falstaff’s Big Gamble. A lot of the character names are easily recognizable as is much of the plot with a few wacky twists thrown in. Hank Quense has created a world where the roles of the characters in one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays are brought to life by trolls, elves, dwarves and other fantasy creatures. If you are looking for something to brighten up your day or to stop you from mopping around then this is ticket. This Hamlet is a comedy of errors that you don’t want to miss.

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Kristina Reading:

I love the twist of Falstaff’s Big Gamble. Hank Quense has done an amazing job turning characters that we are all familiar with into a wonderful work of Fantasy!

Othello is a Dark Elf who has just gained the position of Chief of Homeland Security in the free city of Dun Hythe. Othello’s wife Desdemona is a native to the city of Dun Hythe. Sir John Falstaff is a chancer. Winning his knighthood in a rigged game of cards from a drunken noble, Falstaff uses his ‘skills’ to con the rich and wealthy in an attempt to get rich quick.

I think what I liked most about Falstaff’s Big Gamble was that Hank made these extremely famous characters seem totally new and his own. I think this was helped by his world of Gundarland which I really enjoyed reading about.