Story Design Webinar

 I’ll be presenting my lecture on Story Design on September 22, 8:00 PM to 10 PM EDTThis lecture will introduce new writers to the elements of fiction writing. It will be hosted by the Savvy Authors website.  Registration is required.

 Prospectus: Story Design


Story Design is a lecture detailing the basic elements necessary to create a work of fiction. The emphasize is on a short story design, but the same principles apply to longer works of fiction. Design elements covered are: setting, character building, plot construction, motivation and scene design. The format is open in that questions are entertained throughout the lecture.

What’s different about this workshop?

The story design process allows the writer to concentrate her creativity on the important elements of the story and prevents wasted creative time and effort.

What’s in it for the participants?

Participants get a basic grounding in the elements common to and necessary to produce a work of fiction. They also get an understanding of how these elements work together to produce conflict, tension and emotions.

Intended for age groups: high school students and older.


fiction writing, story setting, characterization, plotting, story design


Story Design Overview