Rebuttal to FNN Review on Falstaff’s Big Gamble

 Recently, Faux News Network Cultural Reporter and chief shrew Marcia Hammerhead wrote a scathing review on my novel Falstaff’s Big Gamble.  Ms Hammerhead certainly has the right to her own opinion on my book, but to provide a bit of balance, here is a review that showed up on Goodreads yesterday morning.

C.P’s review

In short – I found this book surprisingly good! And utterly hilarious!

Shakespeare aficionado or not anyone who likes an easy going, fast flowing story with plenty of humor and action will enjoy this novel. A few of the characters & parts become funnier if you are familiar with their background but it’s not really necessary. I had doubts about reading this book at first because I’ve read many that have attempted to do what Quense has done here and failed miserably. My last being from the work of L. Frank Baum. It was a total slaughter and really turned me off.

I think what really makes this work so well is that Quense made the characters his own while not stripping them entirely of the things they are famous for. Everything he did I found unexpected but it worked. When I first read the premise I expected human characters with other human characters put in a setting similar to the one they were born in. Not so! Elves, trolls, and the setting of Gundarland make for one unexpected but hilarious journey that is very much worth reading! No need to break out your dusty old notes from high school English class or check out the plays prior to reading. This was written as a stand alone book, not an accompaniment, and so it’s worth reading on it’s own without the stress of trying to understand hidden meanings thinking you might be missing something. This is a straight forward novel that is perfect anybody who likes humor and fantasy or just a great story in general. 

I’m not against spoilers but this is one book I actually want to leave fully wrapped for the next reader. After all the heavy reading I have been doing lately this came as a fun surprise and I hope it will be for someone else as well. A real hidden gem!

Take that,  Hammerhead.