Marketing Plans for Self-published Books Is Now Available

Author Hank Quense has released Marketing Plans for Self-published Books, the second title in his Self-publishing Guides.  The Marketing Plan book is available on all major ebook seller sites including Smashwords and Kindle now and it will be on Istores, B & N, Sony and other sites shortly.

Quense’s book blurb describes it best: “Publishing a book is only part of work.  The marketing work also MarketingPlanshas to be done.  That’s the part most authors don’t understand or like.  This book can help.

“If you published a book or plan to publish a book and if you don’t understand the need for building a marketing plan, or if you don’t know how to develop a marketing plan, this book explains it all.  It contains a ready-to-use marketing plans that will have you marketing your book in no time.

“This book contains a complete set of marketing plans.  The marketing tasks are explained in non-technical language along with the rationale for the task and are grouped by timeframe.  The marketing plans are ready to use.  Built around the book’s launch date (i.e. the availability date) there are marketing plans for pre-launch, launch and post-launch activities.”

Quense also explains that one reason for the book is to educate authors about the scammers and con artists that swarm around first-time authors and attempt to take the author’s money with “offers” to help.  These sharks typically have slick web sites that gives them an aura of respectability.

The other books in the Self-publishing Guides series are:

Self-publishing a book: scheduled for 11/15/13 release

Manage Your Self-publishing Project: Available now. It contains a series of flow charts and mind-maps that all the author to monitor and control the publishing and marketing processes.

Quense has written four novels, three collections of short fiction and a number of articles on fiction writing.