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FNN Announcement: FNN is proud to announce a new feature: book reviews.  Our renown cultural reporter, Marcia Hammerhead, will review recently published books by up and coming authors.  The first book to be reviewed is Falstaff’s Big Gamble by Hank Quense

Marcia Hammerhead:  I must be cursed.  My boss KNOWS I love literary fiction and that I despise genre fiction.  So what does he order me to do?  He tells me to read and write reviews for Hank Quense’s books.  In case you never heard of this guy, you’re not alone.  Nobody has heard of this guy.  Possibly because he writes genre trash.  He is the author of several scifi and fantasy books, purported to be humorous or satiric.

The first book I read is Quense’s novel, Falstaff’s Big Gamble.  Can you credit it?  Quense has mutilated two of Shakespeare’s most beloved tragedies, Hamlet and Othello.  With unmitigated nerve, he has set these plays in a fantasy land called Gundarland where Hamlet became a dwarf and Othello a dark elf.

Shakespeare’s plots are given lip-service before getting butchered beyond recognition.  If that isn’t bad enough, these tragic masterpieces are now comedies.  In the last act of a true Shakespearean tragedy, the stage is littered with dead bodies.  With Quense, not one character is murdered and the only death is from a heart attack, not a dagger.  How can this unknown scribbler have the chutzpah to try to rewrite the greatest author in the history of civilization?

I understand Quense has also reworked the ancient Rhinegold myth which is the basis for Wagner’s immortal Ring Cycle of operas.  The man is dangerous and must be stopped!  Whatever you do, please don’t buy books written by this author.

On a scale of zero to plus five stars, I give this book a minus seven stars.  The book is published by Strange Worlds Publishing.  That name sounds suspicious to me.

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FNN program manager: in the interest of fairness, we would like to point out that the book, Falstaff’s Big Gamble, can be found at Strange Worlds Online website