Advice for the NY Giants Coaching Staff

As a life-long Giant fan, I watch all the games.  Last year when the team lost their last games, I knew why they were losing: the other team knew what plays would be called.  I thought that problem would have been rectified in the off-season,  but no, the play-calling hasn’t changed at all; it still remains unimaginative and vanilla flavored.  Even I, sitting on my couch, can predict the next play 75% of the time.

To make the play-calling a bit more diverse, I offer these tidbits of advice:

* Running plays do not have to go between the tackles.

* Screen passes are a cool way to slow down the pass rush and gain yards.  If you guys can’t find a screen pass in your playbook, contact me and I’ll draw one up and send it to you.

*It is not necessary to wait until the game is out-of-hand before going to the no-huddle offense.

I believe this free advice will improve the offense a bit.  It may not win games, but at least it’ll make the final score closer