Self-publishing Webinar

Author Hank Quense will present a two-part self-publishing webinar in June using the Savvy Authors website.

On June 2, the topic will be self-publishing.  On June 9, the subject will be marketing concerns Both webinars will run from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT

Registration is required.  To learn more go to the Savvy Authors website

Self-publishing and marketing a book are complex undertakings that involves facing a number of issues, making descisons and getting answers to questions
The author has developed a project management format that breaks up the complex undertaking into a small number of tasks and assigns a time frame when these tasks should be addressed.  It also provides budget estimates for various components in the project.
Self-publishing phases
 The lectures provide the potential author with a framework allowing an orderly approach to the process.  It also provides information that can prevent the author from wasting money on scams and unnecessary services.

These aren’t  how-to talks.  Rather, there are presentations on the issues involved, what decisions the author has to make and what questions the author has to ask.  It organizes these issues, decisions and questions into four separate areas. It also gives a time frame based upon the publication date.  These time frames  are based on the launch date of the book.