NRA claims assault rifles are causing problems

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 In a press release today, the powerful lobbying organization said the proliferation of assault rifles had had unforeseen consequences and that  the assault rifles are causing problems that must be addressed by Congress.

The NRA originally recommended assault rifles to defend your home and property. However, it is difficult to use an assault rifle to defend your home when those attacking your home are also armed with those weapons

That’s why the NRA today is calling for the legalization of rocket propelled grenades (RPGS), flame throwers, 50 mm machine guns and 81mm mortars.  Once citizens can exercise their god-given rights to arm themselves with these new weapons, people will once again be able to defend themselves in a constitutionally appropriate manner.

Further, the NRA says it has received inquires from gated home communities wanting to buy tanks to patrol the perimeters of their communities.

The NRA calls on all patriots in Congress to fast-track the necessary legislation to implement these changes since they are vital to the American way of life.