Manage Your Self-publishing Project Now Available

My new ebook, Manage Your Self-publishing Project, is now available from Smashwords and Amazon.

The process described in the book is based on my own experiences: two books published by a small indie publisher, my own self-publishing and starting my own publishing company.

The ebook represents a unique approach in that it uses project management principles to organize the process and break it down into a series of tasks that should be completed at a specific time in the project, both before and after the launch date.


The ebook uses flow charts and mind-maps to describe both the publishing process and the marketing process.  Both processes should take place in parallel.  The time frames in the processes are four months prior to publication, three months, 6 weeks, launch and post-launch.  For each of these time frames, a set of tasks are defined and explained.

The book also contains budget estimates for a number of areas.  The author can use the estimates to establish her own budget.

The purpose of the ebook is to demystify the self-publishing process.  The more the self-publisher knows about the process, the less likely she is to buy unnecessary services or sign up with the many scam artists that prey on inexperienced authors.  Ultimately, the ebook can save the self-publishing author a lot of money.  The author can also use the book to identify areas that she needs to research in order to better understand the issues involved.

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