Create a Short Story Webinar

The Create a Short Story Webinar will start on November 25th at 7:00 PM and continue for the following three Sundays.

This lecture series provides the attendees with a grounding in the design elements and story-telling techniques required in all works of fiction.  The chart below details the topics covered in each session.

What’s different about this webinar?

A story consists of three separate and distinct components: ideas, story design and story-telling. This webinar takes the writer’s creativity (ideas) and incorporates them into a unique story design. The writer can then take the ideas and story design elements and meld them into a first draft using the story-telling techniques.

What’s in it for the participants?

The story design process focuses the writer’s creativity on the essential elements of the story.  The story-telling techniques allow the writer to fashion the story in a way that will hold the reader’s interest.


The Create a Short Story Webinar consists of three sessions that concentrate on the elements necessary to produce a work of fiction. These include story design elements such as setting, character building, plotting, motivation and scene design with the emphasis on character building. During the workshops, the attendees work on these elements for their own story using design forms developed by the author. The fourth session concentrates on story-telling techniques. At the end of the workshop, the attendees are ready to write the first draft on their own.

The webinars are sponsored by Savvy Authors and pre-registration is required.  Go to to register.


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