Tales From Gundarland

Here are excerpts from various reviews for my Tales From Gundarland.  It has six humorous short stories and two novellas in it. It’s on sale at Smashwords during July.  Use coupon code  SSW25 to get the discount.  Sales ends on July 31.  For a complete list of Tales From Gundarland book sellers follow the link to my website.

“Really fun read! I love the twist on well known tales – my favorite being Romeo and Juliet. Oh, just thinking Tales From Gundarland cover with award medalabout it still makes me smile. This is a brilliant collection that comes highly recommended! Be warned – you won’t be able to read these without getting a chuckle (or a belly laugh) or two.” 5 stars: tweezle: Librarything

“Tales From Gunderland is a marvelous book, and I quickly felt at home there. Its characters reminded me of relatives, and I laughed often, and well. You NEED your own copy for those days the sun won’t shine and you need some artificial warmth around you. Quense is an unforgettable writer!!” Mari Sloan

“Tales from The Gunderland is one of those books that could easily become a cult phenomenon. I really enjoyed the humor, which was sort of a cross between Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Monty Python. Each story was unique and self-contained, but still contributed to the “Gunderland Universe” as a whole.”  Five bookmarks, for sure! ~Reviewed by Sherry Ficklin for Mind Fog Reviews

“Charmingly funny retelling of some classics and new fairytales from the mind of Hank Quense. I read this to a group of 7 to 10 year olds who thought these were hysterical. Great read for story times and a nice way to spend a day in the sun!!! ” Elizabeth Miller

“What more convincing do you need?  This is a great summer read!”  Hank Quense.  {Please note: this last is blatant commercialism from the unscrupulous author.  Fell free to ignore this one.}