FNN Sports Report: Mets Manager ‘Comfortable’ With Losing Streak

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Faux News Network reporter Jock Strapper talked to Mets manager Terry Collins and filed this report.  “The Mets tradition,” Collins said, “is to play over our heads in the first half of the season than settle down and grab last place by the end of the season. Our six-game losing streak is a down payment on our tumble, but it’s difficult to maintain negative momentum when R.A Dickey gets to pitch every fifth day.”

When asked why the Mets played so well up until this point, he replied,”Our starting pitchers are outstanding and our young players are adjusting to the majors.  They’re coming along fine.  Our bullpen is what’s saving us from a spot in the post-season.  Those guys are really good at blowing leads.  During the first part of the season, our starters were pitching complete games or going 7 or 8 innings. It’s tough for our bullpen to blow a 6 or 7 run lead in only a few innings.   We’ve lost another starter to injuries and that helps to get our relief pitchers into the game much earlier and that encourages the other team to play harder.  I really believe our bullpen is the worst in the majors.  It indicates the dedication of our upper management that they were able to pull together an entire relief corps of this calibre.  That didn’t happen by accident.  It requires planning and execution to get an entire bullpen this bad.”

When asked how he thought the Mets would finish the season, Collins pondered an answer for a few seconds and said, “I think we can finish ten or eleven games under five hundred.  It’s want our fans expect and we intend to deliver to our fans.”


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Jock Strapper thinks the Mets will end up 5 games below five hundred.