FNN Report: Romney Blames Drought on Obama

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FNN political reporter Stacy Conundrum spoke to a Romney operative and then filed this exclusive report.


In the increasingly bitter Presidential race between Romney vs Obama, the Romney campaign headquarters is putting the finishing touches on a new attack plan.  It features the Republican nominee, Mitt Romney, blaming President Obama for the current drought in much of the country’s farmland.   The plan calls for Romney to include these remarks in a new speech to given shortly.

“President Obama, instead of carping on my business career and my tax returns, should  be working to solve the massive drought problem this country has.  Why isn’t the President deploying scientists to figure out how to make rain?  This would be much more productive then have them tarting up facts about the global-warming myth.

“I’ll tell you this much.  When I worked at Bain Capital, I was anti-drought then and I still am.  I never encouraged or supported any company that engaged in the manufacture or distribution of droughts.

“Our  farmers need help and they need help fast.  Unfortunately, they won’t get any assistance to end the drought from a Democratic President.  If the farmers want to end the drought, then they have to vote me into the Presidency and give me a Republican Congress to work with. On Day One in the White House, I’ll will ban all droughts from happening within the continental United States.  If droughts want to occur in Europe or China, that’s fine with me.  But make no mistake.  America will be drought-free under my administration.”

Ms. Conundrum will stay with this breaking news story and file updates when she learns more.


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