FNN Report: Heath Care Survey

The FNN Chief researcher, Josh Quizzical, conducted a telephone survey to find out what folks thought about the current political debate on the Health Care  law that is dominating political debate..  Here are the intriguing results.

Does the Health Care law include a penalty or a tax?

* Six percent thought it had a penalty.

* Five percent said it had a tax.

* Ten percent responded, ‘Who cares?’

* Eighty-five percent thought the politicans ought to get over it and move on to something useful.

* The other three percent never heard of the Health Care debate.

A number of responders offered their opinions on the law.

One said, “Just the fact that it insures millions of kids whose parents can’t afford health insurance make it worth while.”

Another rebutted the first statement.  “Insuring all those kids is a joke.  It isn’t the government’s place to do that.  It’s the kids parents’ responsibility.  If the kid doesn’t have insurance because his parents can’t afford it and the kid gets sick and dies, then it must be God’s Will.  The government shouldn’t be trying to thwart God’s Will.”


What is your opinion?  FNN and Josh Quizzical want to know.  Please leave a comment.