FNN: GM to build ‘Smoker” Models.


Faux News Network economic reporter Cash Krugerrand file this report from Detroit.

At a press conference today, General Motors announced that ,starting next year, new car purchasers can specify “smoking” models. Chester Field, the lead developer for these models, said, “Smokers have been picked on for too long. Smokers deserve some consideration and GM will give it to them.  Smoking cars will have front and rear ash trays, front and rear lighters, a fire extinguisher, fire-retardant seat covers and an air filtration system.  Optional equipment will include an automated sprinkler system.”

A spokesperson said the smoking editions will be available on all models and will be custom built with a variety of colors for the ash trays.  The smoking models will also come equipped with a five-year supply of air fresheners that can be hung from the rearview mirror.

Smoker editions are estimated to add a thousand dollars to the base price of the car.


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