Fiction Writing Guides

During the course of my writing career, I’ve gained a lot of experience in creating and designing stories.  I’ve also critiqued hundreds of stories, most of them from beginning or inexperienced fiction writers.  Several years ago, I decided to write a book on fiction writing aimed at new writers.  It’s called Build a Better Story.  Later on, I built on this book and produced a two lectures.  One, Story Design, is an overview of the elements involved in designing a story.  A second, more comprehensive lecture is a four-session workshop in which I guide the attendees through the process of defining the setting, building characters, constructing a plot and designing scenes.  At the end of the workshop, the attendees are ready to write the first draft on their own.

Unfortunately, these lectures can only be given on a local basis and are unavailable outside my immediate area. To fix that problem, I developed a series of e-booklets and short videos that cover the basics of fiction writing.  This material is available on my website under the heading Fiction Writing Guides.  Some of the material is free and the rest has a modest fee attached to it. (I have to eat, you know!)

Feel free to browse the Fiction Writing Guides area and check out the samples and previews.   Everything on the master page has links to the other pages.