Looking for Reviewers

I’m looking for courageous folks to read and review my new novel, Falstaff’s Big gamble.  I’m planning to launch it right after the summer.  It’s the latest in my Strange Worlds Stories

All reviewers will have their names thrown into a hat and one will win a gift card.

If you’re interested me, email me at hanque99 (at) verizon (dot) .net

The book is only available in .PDF format right now.

Here is a quick synopsis of the story so you can see what you’re getting in to.

This novel is Shakespeare’s Worst Nightmare.  It takes two of the Bard’s most famous plays, Hamlet and Othello, and recasts them with fantasy characters in a place called Gundarland.  Hamlet is a dwarf and Othello is a dark elf.  Iago and his wife, Emilia, are trolls.

If that isn’t bad enough, these two tragedies are now comedies with Falstaff, Shakespeare’s most popular rogue, thrown in as a bonus.  Both Hamlet and Othello are plagued by the scheming Falstaff, a human.

Hamlet is the Prince of Denmarko and is striving to start a private business to demonstrate his competence and independence from the court.  His uncle Clodio usurped the throne after the death of Hamlet’s father and married Hamlet’s mother immediately thereafter.  Hamlet is shocked to learn, from a ghost, that Clodio murdered his father and the father is now demanding that Hamlet avenge his death.

Othello, using a tarted-up resume about his military exploits, is named to the post of Minister of Homeland Security in the city of Dun Hythe.  To his dismay, he learns the appointment was engineered by his wife’s grandmother, a nasty, old, and very powerful crime boss.  In return, the grandmother wants the contract to rebuild the city walls.

Falstaff embezzles money from Othello to recruit warriors to put down the piracy that plagues Dun Hythe’s port. Instead, he steals two ships and goes into the piracy business on his own.

Dun Hythe has an anti-piracy treaty with Denmarko and Othello is dispatched to seek the aid of King Clodio.  He agrees to send a fleet to fight Falstaff.  The fleet will be commanded by Hamlet against his wishes.  Othello commands a second fleet and intends to trap Falstaff’s ships between both fleets and eliminate the pirates.  In a dense fog, all three fleets sail around hearing the other ships but unable to find each other.

Falstaff saves Hamlet’s life after the king tries to assassinate the prince.  He helps Hamlet avenge his father’s murder, then accumulates vast power by persuading Hamlet to let him take over the burden of ruling.  Falstaff disbands his pirate fleet and recruits an army to attack Dun Hythe to make himself king over the richest city in Gundarland.  He also intends to hang Othello for his anti-piracy acts.

Othello, incapable of leading the defense of Dun Hythe, turns over the responsibility to his subordinates and they prepare the city for an attack.  Falstaff’s army arrives and, expecting to attack an undefended city, falls apart without striking a blow.

In the end, Hamlet becomes comfortable with ruling Denmarko, Othello is considered a hero and a success (for the first time in his life) and Falstaff escapes to continue a life of running scams.